There are a bunch of straight forward cocktails which you can prepare at home.

There are a bunch of straight forward cocktails which you can prepare at home.

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Some of the greatest vodka drinks there exist are cocktails. Vodka on the rocks is too strong and any other vodka mixer is very straight forward.

Some of the most delicious cocktails are gin or vodka based because they are most often simple enough to combine with a lot of ingredients. Some of the best vodka alcohol based drinks are probably cosmo and zombie. The white lady cocktail and most lemon and gin based cocktails are a favourite for this month. Combining fruit with gin is exquisite. Especially when rocked with ice and after adding some basil or cucumber. The mixture of gin and champagne is also delicious. A lovely and very simple champagne cocktail is made from orange juice and champagne, although you could also use prosecco or cava.

There are so many cocktail ingredients to buy but the most essential ones are lemon, sugar, cucumber, lime, egg-white, soda water, juice and ice. Don’t forget your chosen types of spirits. You also need a cocktail shaker because without one you cannot mix it properly and most drinks must be rocked and not stirred. A vodka martini is a great example of a cocktail that can be stirred as it is solely alcoholic. Some add a lemon twist or olive juice. I would not recommend to ever mix a cocktail without ice. Even if it is delivered without ice it should still be mixed or shaken with ice.

Classic vodka cocktails are most often very sharp and a good example of that is the cosmopolitan cocktail. It is intense but the delicious lemon combined with cranberry juice neutralizes it. Often people do not note the alcohol in the cocktail and end up rather tipsy as they go down so well. Most bars offer a large variety of treats which is great because you must devour something if you plan on drinking a lot. Chips are a great choice as they ultimately absorb the alcohol in your stomach which is important after a lengthy drinking session.

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